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Gucci x Unskilled Worker Silk Shirt, Embroidered Mini Skirt, Gucci x Unskilled Worker GG Marmont Shoulder Bag and Ace Sneakers

One inspiring element of working in a creative industry is serendipity. Art and fashion is one of the few industries that don’t abide to rigid frameworks of spotting talent, and Gucci’s collaboration with the London based, late-bloomer artist called Unskilled Worker is a celebration of this. Unskilled Worker began as an outlet to relieve the artist’s sudden urgency to paint after two life-altering experiences, and the results were canvases of densely rich, dreamy portraiture unconstrained by traditional training or techniques.


It was a dream assignment to interpret a concept merging two of my favorite fields in fashion and art. Gucci’s bold vision mixed with Unskilled Worker’s whimsical flare created a collection that is rare and season-less. My favorite pieces from the collection are the ones pictured above: A garden print silk shirt and a graphic print shoulder bag.