This past September, in a moment of distress I found myself addressing a reality check: there I was, feeling stressed out about missing a morning show, while in the lull of the cab I pulled out my phone to be confronted with news of real devastation happening all around the world. It snapped me into perspective: that first and foremost I am lucky to be safe; and second, that I am privileged to be in a nurturing environment, and third: to have the ultimate freedom to do what I wanted.

There have been several cycles of these thoughts in the last few months, because working in fashion can often feel frivolous. But after some self searching, I realized that making an impact does not always require a career change. This year I set a lot of personal goals to drive awareness and increase my own consciousness, and one of the ways I’ve concerted my efforts is becoming more mindful on where I spend my money. I’ve devoted time to direct my attention to designers, retailers, and brands who have taken responsive actions and put consciousness on the forefront of their business, and one retailer that does this well is Olivela.

Olivela is a retailer that stocks items from some of the world’s leading luxury brands and gives the portions of the proceeds to charity partners, such as Malala Yousafzai’s education-led Malala Fund.  Olivela lists the benefits of what every purchase entails: from sending a child to school, giving children access to music programs or providing essentials to families to break the cycle of poverty.

As a consumer, our purchasing decision is our one way we can exercise our power to support the causes we care about. Every dollar we spend can make a little to a large difference. So I turn the question to you: What are your favorite businesses that do this well?

Stella McCartney Brass Clutch and Givenchy Sunglasses from Olivela

Item: Stella McCartney Brass Clutch
Price: $1235
Benefit: Provides 177 days of school for girls in countries where most girls are denied an education through the Malala Fund.

Givenchy Sunglasses
Price: $405
Benefit: Enough to provide 17 days of school for girls in countries were girls are denied an education through Malala Fund