the unstoppable cabo

A huge thank you to Los Cabos Film Festival and Visit Mexico for immersing me in a week of film and foam.


road to aspen

In 24 hours I went from swimming in the Gold Coast to exploring the Colorado Mountains and its snow capped horizons.


panama via instagram

Only in Panama can you watch both a sunrise and sunset over the water, and when I set my suitcase down in Casco Viejo this past August, driving from the Pacific to the Atlantic was the first thing on the check off list. For those of you planning a trip, here are some of my recommendations below.

Packing with Paige: Berlin

packing with paige: berlin

Berlin’s not a beautiful city in the conventional sense, but it’s undergoing a great moment, “And it’s ugliness, or it’s fragmented quality, is both negative and positive. It’s much more open than Paris or London for that very reason.”