Let’s face it: the feelings of fall is more of a state of mind than a physical reality on the West Coast. The leaves are green and in-tact, the weather hovering over the low 80s, and winter coats are hanging heavy collecting dust in the back of every Angelenos’ closet. But year round al-fresco weather has its perks: namely chilled beverages to enjoy in the warmth of our desert sun. To capture the flavors of a desert fall, I concocted a simple crisp sparkling apple cocktail using Veuve Clicquot’s ‘Clicquot Rich’ champagne.
What you’ll need: 

Ounces Clicquot Rich champagne
Wedges of Sliced Apple
Cinnamon Sticks

Optional: A pour of Organic Apple Juice

Step 1: Pour a chilled bottle of Clicquot Rich into a glass.

Step 2: Add a juicy slice of Honeycrisp apple for garnish. I prefer honeycrisps because they are delicate and sweet in flavor, and softly enhance the champagne mixer’s flavor.

Option: Add an ounce of apple juice for a balanced flavor

Step 3: Add a whirl of cinnamon to spice up the flavor.

And there you have it: a smooth crisp champagne containing the season’s finest harvest.