escape to tulum

Classic Stripe SandalsPeach Woven Sandals, Dali Navy Espadrilles Classic Stripe Sandals, Wedge Sandals by Soludos. Clothing from Largo Drive

Even though traveling frequently has its benefits, you can’t always be prepared for poorly timed shortcomings. Grant unfortunately caught Montezuma’s revenge on the first leg of our Mexico trip, and although it’s better to be heaving in paradise than it is at home, exploring a foreign country can be intimidating if not scary, especially when physically fragile. Luckily our friend and frequent flyer Collin was able to mediate. This photo diary captures 24 hours in Tulum; from sunrise at 6 am to 8 pm dusk, to say that we made the most of last day out in Quintana-Roo would be an understatement. Although my personal highlights of the trip like the three of us getting hurled by the waves in the Mayan Ruins and snorkeling in Cenote goes undocumented, some memories are better left with a backstory to tell.

Photos by Collin Hughes.

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arts district

Commes des Garcon Shirt / Frame Denim Jeans / Timberland Leather Shopping Bag & Boat Shoes

For the second installment of my Timberland Mark Makers campaign, the team and I ventured a few streets south to the Arts District, a neighborhood laying in the outskirt of downtown. Since most of the apparel industry’s manufacturing and design headquarters are stationed in this neighborhood, often you’ll find me on my way to lunch in the Arts District more frequently than the cafes a few feet away from my loft. Wurstkuche is one of the first restaurants established in this neighborhood, and still continues to be a local favorite. Their exposed brick wall exterior and beer hall interior is a staple for a casual meal that requires your hands. But be forewarned…Friday nights have notoriously long waits and you can skip the line by coming in the afternoon instead. 

Photos by Thomas Hoeffgen, Styled by Tiffani Rae, Hair and Make Up by Katey Denmo from The Wall Group.

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in ruins

Escape to Tulum

Escape to TulumFor Love & Lemons Knit Bralette / Show Me Your MuMu Skirt / Soludos Classic Stripe Espadrilles

A trip to Tulum would not be complete without a visit to the Mayan Ruins. Located along the Yucatan Peninsula coast, it’s hard to believe that these stone constructions have stood the test of time and turmoil. Although the pounding heat and slow traffic of German group tours feels insufferable at first, all heat provoked frustrations melt away as soon as you spot the turquoise blue horizon. A highlight of visiting the ruins is first and foremost finding the stone wall with the awe-inspiring view of where ancient civilization meets the sea, but the post-tour lunge into the ocean isn’t too bad either. 

Photos by Collin Hughes.

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