life through instagram

April and May have been incredibly busy filled with styling work and miscellaneous adventures here in LA. Some of these are notably captured on Instagram, which entail events such as exploring Cher’s former mansion in Benedict Canyon, taking a road trip to the Lafayette Hotel for a photoshoot with Adam, dancing the night away at Nasty Gal’s party at the Roosevelt, bumping into Lil Wayne at the SLS en route to meeting up with Phebely Japan and Elle Girl, and styling an incredible new face such as Tanya for Blaque Label over at Milk Studios. Feel free to follow me, like me, or leave me spam in the lines of “Following everyone who follows me back this hour!” Followed by three million emoticons and arrows. Jokes, please don’t. Username is The Caravan. See you there! 

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20 Responses to life through instagram

  1. Suzie Q says:

    Lovely instagram photos! I especially love your Celine sunnies and your black heels!

    Suzie Q

  2. Erin Z says:

    I would love to follow you on instagram! Alas, there isn’t any instagram app for blackberries:(

  3. Gita says:

    Lovely Insta captures. Loving those Celine sunnies.

  4. McKenzie says:

    I love your Celine glasses! I am dying for a pair! Great pictures. x

  5. Mira says:

    totally gorgeous photos :D



  6. SHEWOLF says:

    celine! I’m jealous for sure


  7. Deodora says:

    i should read your other posts! definitely.

  8. Lina says:

    love this set of images! you’re so amazing and lovely!

  9. Tomoko says:

    I’m the Japanese girl who met you at last Rebecca Taylor show in NYC.
    One of the photo is a Japanese brand “phebely”!!impressive!!
    Love your style:)

  10. I love the composition of all of these photos! It seriously reads old Hollywood glamor! Love it!
    ~ Jillian

  11. Laura says:

    Lovely pictures, especially the first one!

    - Laura

  12. Merve says:

    Olivia can you do a blogpost about how you style your hair? I have like the same hairstyle as yours but can’t style it so perfectly as you do :( Love your blog! xx

  13. Annie says:

    I love your instagram feed!!!

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