desert dream

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Perfume

Introducing you to my favorite scent from the Marc Jacobs fragrance collection: Daisy Dream. Of all the scents ranging from Daisy, Lola and Honey, what draws me to the Daisy Dream are the soft floral tones and lightness of scent. It’s not too sweet or saccharine, and a single spray from the bottle brings out a breath of fresh air accented by a subtle hint of Daisy.

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21 Responses to desert dream

  1. Love Marc Jacobs parfum


  2. I love Marc Jacobs perfume! I have Daisy & I keep it in my purse at all times. It’s amazing

  3. Lizz says:

    Lovely shots, Olivia! Your photography is always so amazing. I can’t wait to try out some Daisy perfume.

    Smile a little at my blog here :]

  4. YZ Chan says:

    My favourite perfume of all-time is Rain by Marc Jacobs. I’ll give Daisy a try next time. Your lace dress is so beautiful too. x

    Nerve Wires

  5. Love Marc Jacobs’ perfume…and the bottles are all so pretty too!


  6. Vivian says:

    Daisy packaging is always divine~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  7. Taylyn says:

    Marc Jacobs makes the best perfumes. The scents are always so light and feminine. <3


  8. Stunning pictures. I am a fan of “Dot” but will have to have a sniff of this one too! -Stephanie

  9. Hannah says:

    Such a fresh perfume bottle and enjoying those cacti in the background truly.

  10. Carolina says:

    Beautiful places, Beautiful People

  11. nogagui says:

    La primera foto es genial!

  12. Albertine says:

    Your dress is so fabulous!

  13. eda says:

    Love these pictures. I definitely need to give this scent a try <3

  14. Emmaaaa says:

    That dress is gorgeous!!

  15. Love love love that new Marc Jacobs scent!

    Sophie x

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