weekend in venice

Sunglasses by Raen Optics / Clothing by Mlle Mademoiselle / Soludos Espadrilles 

A Sunday spent skating and sunbathing in Venice for LA Canvas.

Photos by Collin Hughes

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21 Responses to weekend in venice

  1. anisa says:

    looks gorgeous!

  2. Jeline Catt says:

    Girl you look amazing in these photos and so does Venice beach! I hope I get to go there soon!


  3. These photos are beautiful – you look stunning xo

  4. Vivian says:

    Amazing! What a babe, loving the backless swimsuit~



  5. Natty says:

    Great pictures!

  6. Love these photos!


  7. Amazing picrures, like always. I love your EVERY post :)

  8. Joules says:

    I love the unique sunnies!

    Style by Joules

  9. Kiara says:

    AH loving this!
    Tobruckave Blog

  10. The Fashion Panda says:

    You look great ! Love the summer vibe of your pics !


  11. Gorgeous pictures! Just found out about your blog. Love it
    x Sandra


  12. Jeans Please says:

    Beautiful pics and beautiful you

  13. Great photos! You look great & hope you enjoyed!


  14. eda says:

    You’re such a babe! Love the pictures <3


  15. The Inkberry says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning!

    With love,

    The Inkberry | http://theinkberry.com

  16. Beautiful photos!.. Love the orange bathing suit it makes a contrast with your tanned body….


  17. becky hutner says:

    girl you are wearing my shades in my hood & it looks good on ya!


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