packing with paige: berlin

 Gracelyn Tee in Heather Gray & Oatmeal / Hoxton Jeans in Armstrong & Nightlife Destructed

Part three of my three city tour Packing with Paige. If I could pack up and settle down anywhere in Europe, Berlin would be it. As David Chipperfield notes in his interview in The Traveler’s Almanac, Berlin’s not a beautiful city in the conventional sense, but it’s undergoing a great moment, “And it’s ugliness, or it’s fragmented quality, is both negative and positive. It’s much more open than Paris or London for that very reason.” Often in Berlin you have to seek out or simply stumble upon venues to feel the creativity of the city.  The energy when you walk down Friedrichstraße or the gentrifying neighborhoods of Neukolln are young and alive. It’s receptiveness to change allows acceptance to every “outsider” to feel at home here. Affirming this, an artist and American expat I met on my last two nights in Berlin explains in brevity that Berlin is the one city where he feels “Free.” Aside from the artistic sentiments that draw people here, it’s also the one of the only major European cities you can grab a meal for under five euro. While the living standard is high, the cost of living is low, which allows me to think: Berlin 2015, who’s with me?

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lust for eluxe

When Eluxe tapped me on the shoulder to design a capsule,  I couldn’t be anymore relieved. After a summer touring around Europe and multiple red-eyes back and fourth to and from New York, the one question I found myself asking was: “Why don’t I have more season-less basics?” Et voila. The Lust for Life x Eluxe collection is here.  After a quick jaunt to the Montego Bay, Casco Viejo and New York for fashion week, I packed up the pieces from my collection and a few of my LA girlfriends to celebrate the launch of the capsule collection at an off-the-grid glass house in Joshua Tree, proving that these pieces are as versatile in high heat as they are in the chill setting over Manhattan. I hope you guys love and live in the clothes as much as I do. 

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packing with paige: paris edition

 Earlier this summer Grant and I packed our bags to embark on a Eurotrip with Paige Denim. One of our mandatory stops? Paris of course, which was unseasonably cold early into the season. Fortunately for me, the Paige fall collection which consisted of distressed denim jackets, slick coated skinny jeans and silk blouses couldn’t have been a more appropriate wardrobe for exploring the city of light. From shopping in Le Marais in the Verdugo to bracing light rain in the Heidi while touring Paris on the backseat of a scooter, there’s no better way to explore a city than in a good pair of denim wherever you go.

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