whowhatwear x nars

When Who What Wear tapped me on the shoulder to test-drive the new NARS Matte Multiple stick, I happily obliged. The NARS Matte stick is ideal for low maintenance effort. While my personal beauty regiment is more focused on skin care than make up, when something minimal and impactful comes along, I become an advocate for life.

I use the two-in-one stick as a lip stain and blush, and I love that application is as simple as a brush stroke. Unlike powder blush, the matte stick is smooth and melts into your skin, producing a natural sheer finish. My takeaway colors were Siam and Exumas, but you can take a peek at the rest of the line up here to find your shade. You can watch the video over at WhoWhatWear.

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sunday blues

Celine Sunglasses / Cynthia Vincent Dress & Boots / Proenza Schouler Mini Satchel

If there is one guarantee on Coachella weekend, it’s that Sunday is redemption day. While those of us who attended the festival have already trekked through two days of sand storms, cyclical binge drinking, standing in sweat soaked crowds while braving extreme heat and cold, by Saturday evening the limp back to the muddy parking lots poses the question “Is this even worth it?” But then Sunday rolls around. Sunday brings in perfect weather, a glorious golden hour, and the built up anticipation of an after party is gone–which in itself gives a collective calm over the festival. (That and everyone has began nursing their week long hangover.) As usual the best bands are saved for last, banging out memorable performances and once again we attendees build a psychological memory block against all of the growing pains of Coachella weekend for another year. In the intermittent months we look back fondly of the pool parties and pictures of sunsets over the ferris wheel. Coachella: You’re like a bad boyfriend that I keep coming back to. We’ll meet again next year, on my 8th attempt on loving you again. 

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parker palm springs

Stopped by the Harper’s Bazaar party at the Parker Hotel with the #Cvchella crew before heading over to the festival. I can’t thank Cynthia Vincent and her team enough for customizing this dress for me. Macrame and lace ups are two of my favorite elements when combined it makes for a lethal combination. More Coachella updates soon to come. Thanks Jenny for grabbing these shots of me. 

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