santorini diary

In our first destination for #PackingwithPaige: Grant and I made a stop on one of my bucket list destinations in Santorini, Greece. The initial leg of this journey was a kind reminder that traveling is not always seamless, and the more trips you take, the more opportunities there are for things to go wrong. After a week long bender in New York City followed by a draft of unfavorable weather in Berlin, Grant and I caught a cold due to the exhaustion, time change and lack of preparation from our time in Germany. Our flight from Tegel to Thira was in no way easy. After chasing two delayed flights, we arrived in Greece at 3 in the morning, with our Air b-n-b check in looming in at 2 pm that afternoon and no access to a driver until 9 am. Upon arrival, we trucked our luggage, consisting of 5 weeks worth of wardrobe covering multiple climates through the narrow steps of Santorini. But never mind the journey it took to get there. After a day of resting in the sun in Oia, we had somehow sweat out all the setbacks we’ve reached to get there and the trip continued on a sweeter note. The colors of Oia are stunning. Pastel sunsets set behind the white and blue walls with an endless view of the Aegean sea.

Outfit shots by Grant Legan, landscape shots by Olivia Lopez.

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summer in the city

Ray Ban Aviators / D.ra Shanna Dress / Balenciaga Classic Mini Bag / Zara Mules / Coordinates Collection Bracelet

First stop I made in the city last week: Shopping in SoHo.

Photos by Rich Tong.

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the line hotel

Rag & Bone Varsity Sweater and Daytona Cropped Halter  

If #ThrowbackThursday took form of a venue, The Line Hotel would be it. Located on Wilshire boulevard in Koreatown, The Line Hotel is establishing itself as the new stomping ground for the street culturati beyond its late night karaoke bar and k-town barbecue neighbors. But fear not, what the Line lacks in bulgogi perfumed walls and beer stained song directories is a venue that captures the spirit of LA’s counterculture. In more ways then one, The Line Hotel represents all that is Anti-Beverly Hills. Streets far from being manicured are displayed on panorama with aerial views overlooking the Hollywood sign to the left and Griffith Observatory to the right. Even though the hotel rooms run on a smaller scale, the floor to ceiling windows compensates for the minimal floor space with optimal views of a sun bleached Wilshire Blvd.

Knibb Design incorporates clashing styles that harmoniously work in symphony. Concrete walls clash against psychedelic rugs, Southwestern textiles are placed next to geometric blocks . While the hotel industry is bursting with interior adjectives such as “rustic”, “mid-century” or “contemporary modern”, The Line is not as easy to describe with a simple one-liner. A green neon sight that seems to allude to an underground Amsterdam smoke shop actually leads you to POT, Roy Choi’s dining experience that has an ambiance that feels like a familiar Asian Aunt’s house, with tables equipped with floral print bibs and paper towel rolls, yet dishes out the most explosive flavors of Korean fusion to ever be served on Wilshire Blvd.

When it comes to going out, K-town is the only true 24 hour neighborhood in LA,. Incorporating a night life element that represents all the discerning qualities about the neighborhood is as important as the food. The Line could not have chosen a better host than the Houston brothers to head Speek, a discreet midcentury lounge located across the lobby.

Photos by Austin Redman

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